Richard Smith Continues to Raise Securus’ Profile in the American Correctional Market

In January 2016, C.E.O Richard A. Smith of Securus Technologies announced the appointment of John Bell as the company’s head of Sales. This strategy was aimed at strategically positioning Securus as the leading tech solution provider in the American law enforcement and correctional industries. Bill’s appointment added the much-needed experience and expertise to the sales team, at a time when the company had broadened its product range to over 800 products. The products range from investigative, safety, to monitoring devices. Read more articles at

Richard’s Assessment

Speaking after making the announcement, Rick Smith mentioned that Securus had injected over $600 million in investments over a period of three years. Out of this, the lion share had gone to acquiring and developing more efficient safety products for its customers. According to Richard, it was only wise for such a huge investment to be accompanied by a competent sales team to ensure that there was value for money. He added that the company needed a flexible sales team that would get the new products moving.

Richard Smith was satisfied that Bell’s 35-year sales experience, especially with reputable organizations like IBM, was all Securus needed to realize its sales objectives. He also noted that Bell had had a history of revolutionizing organizations from normal performance to exceptional growth.

Internal Restructuring at Securus

Part of the announcement revealed that Josh Conklin, the sales vice president at Securus, would be working directly with John Bell. Richard Smith said that the two sales experts would complement each other for Securus’ growth. The duo was charged with the responsibility of reaching out to more customers by organizing and facilitating customer presentations. They were also given the mandate to utilize the Securus Technology Center to the maximum and to put up a sustainable sale training program.

Smith said that with the right sales approach, Securus was bound to get more contracts while at the same time tightening the grip on its existing contracts. He pointed out that with the expanded range of products and the increased product sophistication; the company had a better chance of making more business leads. He challenged the sales team led by Bell and Josh to do its part in ensuring that the products were effectively marketed.

About Securus

Strategically centered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is the dominant tech firm in the North American correctional market. By 2015, the company was serving close to 3500 correctional facilities, which translated to almost 1.2 million inmates. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

About Richard Smith

Richard Smith is an engineer by profession, with a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of New York. He is also a master’s degree holder from the recognized University of Rochester. He is a board member at Integra Telecom Co. Ltd. and Eschelon Telecom Inc., among several others. Richard has been the CEO of Securus for the last nine years.

Securus Technologies Addresses Ethical Issues

I recent news, I came across disturbing news about a monopolistic tendency for a communications company. This monopoly was brought to the public’s attention by Securus Technologies, a company that is currently one of the leading companies in communication in North America. The concern of Securus Technologies regards their investigation of one company in particular called Global Tel Link which has been known to over charge services. Securus Technologies is one of the most innovative companies in North America that provides solutions for civil as well as for criminal justice. This innovative technology offers excellent solutions for public safety, investigation and monitoring, as well as for correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is responsible for giving inmates around North America the opportunity to communicate to loved ones outside of the facility. It has been estimated that Securus Technologies helps over 1.2 million inmates across North America. With this disturbing news addressed, Securus Technologies has even presented the public with examples.

When digging in for more research to back up this statement of over charging, Securus Technologies found that Global Tel Link has rigged each call center to add 15 to 30 seconds extra to each and every call that is made within the correctional facility. Family members of the inmates have even commented on the high prices that have been set for just a 15 minute phone call. One wife of an inmate commented that she must pay $60 per week for a phone call that lasts one hour. Securus Technologies has addressed this issue and has stated that this is against any ethical code. As a Dallas-based company, Securus Technologies continues to be sought after for the innovative technology as well as for the trustworthy solutions and services that are provided by this innovative and committed company located in areas in North America.