Yeonmi Park: A Defector of Inspiration

Some countries provide people with harsh living conditions to the point that they have to escape. Yeonmi Park’s faced that with North Korea. Among the sources of information that are available on Yeonmi Park is this article from Yeonmi Park is one of the North Korean citizens who had no concept of freedom. She has never even heard the word. In the place that she has lived in, she considered herself extremely lucky if she had food. This has been her life experience until 2007 when she and her mother have made an attempt to escape by being smuggled out of the country. However, this has proven to be the beginning of her nightmare. In order to escape, Yeonmi and her mother fled across the frozen Yalu River when she was 13. They weren’t entirely sure what their next step was after reaching China. What could have been a journey that only lasted days has turned into a years long tale of horror, brutality and heartbreak. At the end of those struggles, she has found inspiration and is sharing it with everyone around the globe. In her journey through the desert, China, Mongolian border, she was tested and tried in many ways that very few people could handle. These experiences have not only tested her character, but has grown her in ways that could only be helpful to people who are suffering in similar circumstances. She was always on the verge of starvation. Also, during her escape from North Korea, her father went to join her and her mother. Unfortunately, he died from cancer. One sad thing was that her father never knew about the freedom that existed outside of North Korea. It was so bad in North Korea that Yeonmi Park of casey and yeonmi believed that if she had even a bit of what America threw away, she would have stayed. Given that her story on The Reason has reached many viewers around the world, this is shedding light on the problem in North Korea. There are attempts being made to silence the defectors of the country which include efforts at discrediting people like Yeonmi Park and other defectors that have told their stories. Either way, people around the world have a better glimpse at life in North Korea.