Sergio Cortes: Brazil Ministry of Health Zika Virus Recommendations

Dr. Sergio Cortes advises on his sergiocortesoficial website that, as per the Ministry of Health of Brazil, it is crucial that pregnant ladies, also, those wanting to end up pregnant, to take some exceptional measures, considering the high number of instances of microcephaly related to zika virus infection in the country of Brazil. The primary one is to protect oneself against general bug bites. In this manner, it is best stay indoors during specific hours of the day when mosquitoes are most likely to be active outdoors, says Dr. Sergio Cortes. Additionally, attempt to wear garments that cover the vast majority of the body and use anti-bite agents and mosquito nets in the home.
Zika Virus Infection in Brazil
Right now, it is conceivable to say that Brazil is encountering a pandemic of zika infection, something that has been happening increasingly since mid 2015. With an affirmation by the Brazilian government that a relationship exist between zika virus infection and microcephaly, a kind of defect that can bring about abnormal development of the cerebrum of babies, worries about the malady have expanded and caused the World Health Organization to attempt to discover more about the illness, says Dr. Sergio Cortes.

In Brazil, the Northeast remains the most influenced with instances of microcephaly emerging from zika infection, reports Dr. Sergio Cortes. There are as of now more than 1,200 reported cases in 14 states covering more than 300 urban communities. A child has passed on as a result of microcephaly, while two grown-ups with zika infection likewise kicked the bucket because of the ailment.

According to the the Ministry of Health, there are still numerous extraordinary facts to be found about the zika virus. The primary one, as per Dr. Sergio Cortes, is to discover zika’s activities in the human body and how it causes the contamination of the embryo. From such data, it will be conceivable to work towards creating an immunization which can prevent infection, or if nothing else keep developing babies from being infected.

Instructions to Prevent
The primary and most essential of these is to prevent standing water, even in small containers, because these can provide the perfect conditions for the mosquito to breed and lay eggs.

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