Keep your dog healthy with Beneful

Like all dog owners I see on facebook, I want my companion to be both happy and healthy. Which means that when it comes to his food, I’m looking for something he’ll enjoy as well as something that gives him all of the nutrition he needs. After trying a lot of products, I’ve found out from wikipedia that the best choice for my best friend is Purinastore’s line of Beneful dog foods. (
Beneful offers both wet and dry dog foods, but my dog prefers the wet ones. Beneful has a number of choices, each with the same mix of natural ingredients and great taste (if my dog’s reaction is any indication. Beneful Incredibites come in three wet versions – with either beef, chicken or salmon. Each of those also includes tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. Great ingredients and he just eats them up.

There are also a number of selections in the Beneful Chopped Blends line. There’s beef, salmon, turkey, chicken and lamb. Each with a mix of sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. These are the same kind of ingredients I’d eat and it’s what I’m looking for in a dog food.

But my dog’s favorites are some of the Beneful entree selections, especially the Beef Stew. That comes with Beef, carrots, peas, rice and barley and it’s the perfect choice isf you’re looking for a hearty meal after a long session of frisbee catch. He also likes the savory Lamb and Rice stew, which is also a great meal for a very hungry dog.

You can’t forget the treats, and Beneful has some really good ones. A top choice in our household are the Beneful Baked Delights. They have fillings like Apple, Bacon and Beef and Cheese. All in small, bite-sized portions perfect for the quick reward.

It’s great to have a line of tasty, healthy dog foods that I can count on to keep my dog satisfied and energetic. Follow Beneful: