End Citizens United Helping Change the Campaign Finance Rules in the United States

     The elections should be fair and transparent for the public to trust in them. Even though people are coming to vote and to support the politician of their choice in every election, the trust of the people on the government that comes to power is diminishing with every passing term. It is mainly due to the rise in corruption in politics and how the big corporations are using their enormous wealth to woo the voters and deflect the direction in which the election results would sway as per their wish. With the kind of money being spent on elections these days, it is easy for the big companies and wealthy individuals to obligate the politicians to make decisions in their favor once elected.

The reason behind the use of such unprecedented amount of money in the elections in the United States is the decision made by the Supreme Court in the lawsuit between FEC and Citizens United. The verdict stated that the corporations and individuals be treated the same way as far as funding the elections are concerned and that the companies can use their money for election campaigns as per their discretion. It made it clear that there would be no cap or restrictions on how the money is spent on election campaigns. The amount of money spent on election campaigns has grown several hundred times in the past few years, and it is a cause of concern for the honest politicians.

The End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee founded by Tiffany Mueller in 2015 to protest against the Citizens United judgment of the Supreme Court. The End Citizens United basically tries to create awareness among the people as to why the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court needs to be overturned. End Citizens United collects from the people and doesn’t’ take money from the big corporations. They use their fund to help support the election campaigns of the honest politicians who are against the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court and are in favor of its overturn. Recently, End Citizens United announced that it would be supporting Conor Lamb, Democrat candidate from Pennsylvania to stand against the Republican Rick Saccone. Even though it is ideally a Republican territory, Conor Lamb has been able to garner a lot of interest around him, mainly due to his clean and reputable track record. Conor Lamb is an ex-marine and currently serves as the Federal Prosecutor.

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An Elastic SQL Database From NuoDB

NuoDB was founded by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris. Jim Starkey is also the inventor of the patented technology “elasticity scalable database” which is the technology NuoDB offers for cloud based solutions. NuoDB was founded in Massachusetts under the name NimbusDB and was later changed to be more appealing within the tech market. The technology offered by NuoDB is utilized by many resounding companies such as Kodak, Dassault Systemes, Alfa Systems and the UAE Exchange. NuoDB is essentially an elastic SQL database for cloud applications. Jim Starkey in addition to being a co-founder is credited with the invention of this technology that expands upon IBM computer scientist Edgar Codd’s 12 rules of relational databases. The technology has the capability to run efficiently anywhere and is well able to handle over one million transaction per second.

The company has garnered many notable accolades since it’s inception in 2008. The first notable accomplishment came in 2012 when they acquired 12 million dollars in funding from venture capital. Over the years leading up to 2012 the company has accumulated over 60 million dollars in funding from other interested investors. In 2014 Boston’s Business Journal claimed NuoDB as one of their innovation all stars.

David Osio Is An Expert Invester

There is a countless number of people out there that want to know the secrets and tricks that will allow them to be successful and find wealth. One good field of doing this is in is real estate, along with investing. The thing is, most people believe that a huge amount of money is required to get started with investing, but this is not always true. There are a large number of deals and properties out there that are being sold for massive discounts, just to be sold. This is the basis for how David Osio got started investing in real estate himself. Even without financial support, David Osio was able to get his business going and he started building up slowly, which allowed him to be one of the wealthiest people in the country today. It takes a lot of dedication and slow building.

Another thing is that investing in real state is actually pretty simple, but most people believe it is very complicated. Property can be acquired in many ways, and it is simple in the idea that it just produces a cash flow until the property goes up in value enough to be sold off for a profit. This is especially done with the real estate that is low quality, which will not appreciate much over time. David Osio himself spent a lot of time research and waiting to buy properties during low times within Venezuela, this way he could make good profits when things went back up.

Having the proper financing in order to invest in real estate is an important aspect, and there are many different methods and thoughts on the subject of financing. Many people try to take out loans and use the banks as much as they can to invest. However, banks are not quick to start financing. On top of this, a lot of leverage can turn out to be a negative thing, assuming the market drops or the economy crashes like in the past. One must consider all the risks that come along with owing a debt in cases like these.

Makeup Brand Lime Crime is a Smash Hit on Instagram

Lime Crime, a Los Angeles based makeup brand company recently reached over 2 million followers on social media platform Instagram.

Lime Crime is best known for their vibrant selection of shades and colors of their makeup.

Lime Crime CEO & Founder, Doe Deere, says that social media is one key to their success because it allows fans to interact with them directly.

“A lot of companies use their Instagram accounts as simply another way to push product, but our goal is to cultivate a fun and engaging community,” Deere said on her blog.

And perhaps that is the reason for Lime Crime’s recent success on Twitter, doubling their followers to 2 million in under a year.

Their account often features trendy looks combined with snappy hashtags which allows their fans to enjoy the pictures but to also help spread the word as well.

Lime Crime believes that cruelty fee cosmetic is important to building a community that does not have to worry about how their lipstick was developed.

And in the spirit of community building, Lime Crime’s Instagram account shares fan photos as well, so others can see how their peers are putting these unique products and colors to best use.  But more fan photos can also be seen on Facebook, as well as Tumblr, which has a huge Lime Crime community.

Deere believes that sharing fan-created photos directly on their eCommerce site that shoppers will get a better feel for how a certain look might work for them personally.

“It’s important to us that our customers have the best possible idea of what the product will look like on them, and Instagram allows us to do that,” Deere shared.