The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Visit Napa

The NorCal News has shared a great article wrapping up a recent trip some Traveling Vineyard wine guides made to the area. Napa is well-known as a preeminent winemaking region and it only makes sense that it is a top tourist destination for wine enthusiasts.

It also makes sense that the Traveling Vineyard wine guides are so helpful in sharing their travel tips. The entire business model of the Traveling Vineyard is focused on having fun and enjoying wine! The company offers travel opportunities in addition to its compensation for the wine guides.

Their tips for the Napa Valley area include many non-wine-related activities such as a tour of an olive farm that includes tastings, and a visit to the local historical society. Napa has a lot more than wine tours to offer to its visitors, and you can count on these tips from the wine guides to keep you entertained between tastings. A visit to the Napa Valley area is a must-do for any wine lover that enjoys traveling to new places and learning more about some great wines! The number of great vineyards in the area that offers tours and tastings will keep you busy for days, and when you have had your fill, the Traveling Vineyard wine guides suggest a spa day at the Aubergine Spa.

Anyone who loves wine and is looking to earn some extra cash should check out joining the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide. The company believes in having fun as well as promoting some top-rated wine and wine accessories. If you would like to help others learn more about wine and increase their appreciation of their wine experience, becoming a wine guide may be a great fit for you. The model is based on hosting in-home wine tastings and sharing your knowledge with the host and the guests. There is no need to be an expert, just someone who loves wine and would like to learn more about it! Traveling Vineyard offers its wine guides a great opportunity to learn more about the winemaking business while they teach others more too.