Lime Crime, A Unique and Magical Perspective on Beauty and Cosmetics

Launched in 2008, Lime Crime has been reinventing the way women express themselves with cosmetics. CEO and founder Doe Deere had a unique and artistic point of view regarding cosmetics, beauty, and female entrepreneurship and has been making waves in the industry with this successful line. Inspired and motivated by Generation Z, Lime Crime offers its products online and focuses on the unique, young, modern woman who enjoys cosmetic palettes that have a twist.

Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free online cosmetics company and is certified by Leaping Bunny and Peta. It’s marked by vivid, unusual colors inspired by fantasy and fairy tales. Their mission is “rebellion in color” and they aim to make sure their consumers have fun while expressing their uniqueness and individuality. The mascot of the company is a unicorn, which is representative of their mission statement. The company also gives back to communities by donating to important charities such as Bideawee Animal Shelter, Girls Inc., Red Cross, and more.

For the employees that work at Lime Crime, the company gives a fresh, new, and modern perspective on how employees should look, behave,and be treated at work. Employees are often encouraged to be unique and express themselves through their fashion choices, as well as through bold color choices such as colored hair. Many of them sport a new line of hair color from Lime Crime called Unicorn Hair. Just as employees are encouraged to express themselves through fashion, Doe Deere also values their opinions as well. She makes sure that her employees are happy and that she listens and takes their input into consideration

Doe Deer was born in Russia but now lives and operates in Los Angeles, California. Originally starting out as a student attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and then a fashion designer with a clothing line by the name of Lime Crime in launched in 2004, she began creating her own makeup to model her clothing because she couldn’t find the unique colors that she wanted in other brands. Eventually her love of makeup and fairy tales took over and she partnered up with the perfect laboratory and chemists to create Lime Crime, the cosmetics line. Doe Deere made her brand successful with online marketing through social media platforms such as Instagram. She has been named as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs and now mentors other female entreprenuers.

Lime Crime is a company that is making a magical splash in the world of cosmetics and is growing in popularity exponentially. Tailored toward a generation that prefers to purchase online, this cosmetics company has the perfect combination of convenience, uniqueness, and attractiveness to secure a successful niche in the cosmetics market. With Doe Deere as the CEO, this company and all their unicorn fans are going to push beauty boundaries to new limits. Learn more:


Discovering your Career Path with Doe Deere

Doe Deere’s success story is a rather interesting one. Doe has transformed from a naive and clueless little girl to become the corporate head of one of the largest cosmetic industries in the world. As a young lady, Doe never knew that she would become so wealthy and famous in her latter days. It was as she was working as a tailor that the idea to start up her makeup line all began. After getting sold to the idea of starting up a health and beauty line, Doe Deere registered her makeup company Lime Crime on eBay. At the time, she used her profile to showcase simple and easy ways to enhance personal beauty using DIY techniques. Learn more:

Over the years, Doe has been able to use her humble beginnings to her advantage. By using methods mainly used by highly influential people in the world, Doe has created a successful Lime Crime from the ground up. Throughout her career, Deere has borrowed a leaf or two from business, financial, and managerial techniques only peculiar to the wealthy and famous. It is because of Deere’s successes commonly experienced at Lime Crime that the corporation has been able to create lines of eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes just to mention but a few. Learn more:

Another ingredient that has helped Doe excel in her business is her passion and desire to succeed in life. By mixing passion and her business ideas, Doe Deere has internalized all that is expected of her to run a successful venture thus enabling Lime Crime to grow and expand. By scouting the local and international markets for newer and better opportunities, Doe Deere has been able to determine what needs to get produced in bulk for mass consumption and what should only remain in its concept stage. By identifying the discrepancies between the above two concepts, Doe has been able to avoid a lot of mistakes that would have otherwise destroyed her life and that of her great company. Learn more:

Finally, Doe Deere’s success has been a product of excellent planning practices. Due to proper planning, Doe has been able to designate funds and timelines to different projects thus reducing redundancies in company operations. Through proper planning, Lime Crime has been able to conserve a lot of time, energy, and money, hence its success. By taking a closer look at Deere’s life history, we find a few elements that affect our lives in one way or the other. For those that feel confused about starting a new business or company, Doe Deere is the person to turn to for advice. Her unique portfolio offers much insight as to how you can start and operate a business regardless of your initial capital input. With only a little endurance and research, you can make it big in life just like Doe. As it turns out, Doe Deere is not only an inspiration to women who have been marginalized almost their life, but also to the boys and girls who want to venture forth into the business world. Learn more:

Acquisition Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is currently the head of Executive Talent Acquisition, also known as a executive recruiter, at Deutsche Bank in New York. Julie graduated with a degree and honors in Philosophy at City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Julie Zuckerberg also studied Law at New York Law School.


From 2002 to 2007 Julie Zuckerberg was the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson Staffing Organization. She was a recruiter for attorneys, paralegals, case managers and office support staff. She educated her clients on working conditions, benefit packages and promotion opportunities. Julie was a liaison for employees and customers if there were ever work related issues to be dealt with. She also was in charge of all tax and legal requirements at Hudson.


From 2007 to 2013 Julie was an Executive Director, Vice President, and an executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions and Citi Global Bank in New York City. She educated entrepeneurs on recruiting strategies such as acquiring and retaining talent. She was in charge of complicated employment negotiations that dealt with issues such as immigration, buy outs and relocation.


In April of 2014 Julie Zuckerberg began her employment at Deutsche Bank. She took the title of the executive recruiter of talent acquisition. She recruited managing directors and director hires. Her tasks included designing and implementing regulatory based initiatives. In November of 2015 Julie took on the title at Deutsche Bank of Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. Her business roll at Deutsche Bank was expanded and now included such tasks as global technology, operations and meeting with business entrepeneurs in commercial clients.


Over her many years of client acquisition Julie has mastered skills such as talent management, employee training, conflict resolution and team leadership. She used her own personal networking skills and social media platforms to recruit the most competent professionals. Years of staffing experience have enabled her to compile a list of executive business associates that she can network with for employment placement.


Julie Zuckerberg is a resident of Manhattan, New York. She enjoys running and photography in her free time. She also enjoys dedicating a portion of her free time to volunteer programs such as human rights, animal welfare, arts and conserving culture. Julie has a appreciation for animals, particularly persian cats. She has an appreciation for photography and many of her photographs of scenic destinations and her persian cat can be seen on her social media accounts such as pinterest and twitter. Baking is another one her hobbies.


Malini Saba Combines Business And Philanthropic Success

The many different aspects of the life of Sri Lankan born investor and philanthropist Malini Saba set her apart from the majority of individuals who have found business success in the 21st century. The Huffington Post reports Malini Saba has never limited herself to finding investments in a specific industry, or in a certain area of the world as she looks for the best investment options available; the list of investments made by the former Silicon Valley investment expert includes those made in the U.S., Australia, and China.


Investment success has given Malini Saba the financial freedom to source the philanthropic opportunities she believes will have a major impact on the people of the world who require the help of her own Stree charitable foundation. The investment expert now owns her own investment company, Saban, which handles the day to day running of the many different investments made by Malini over the course of her career.


Over recent years, the charitable work completed by Malini Saba have taken on an ever more impressive feel as the Stree foundation looked to focus its work upon children and women who are living under difficult financial constraints. Saban has focused Stree’s work upon women and looks to make sure women have business opportunities and the chance to find empowerment through access to legal and medical advice.


Most people imagine the life of successful investment specialist Malini Saba will have seen her born into some form of wealth, but upon arrival in the U.S. from Sri Lanka saw she and her then husband find an apartment with just $200 to their name. Saban reports Malini discovered that as the spouse of a Stanford student she had the right to attend lectures and learn as much as possible about the financial industry as possible.


Malini Saban has not always taken the direct approach to finding success as a business person and philanthropist; the initial business success she found was based upon her decision to attend events for the financial industry and interact personally with leading figures on Wall Street. After entering the financial industry in the 1990s Malini Saba quickly realized the future of the investment industry lay beyond the traditional national borders most investors remained limited by. As one of the first investment specialists to look towards Asia for new opportunities Saban has become seen as a visionary in the field.