Lori Senecal’s Passion and Self-Believe Has Seen Her Sore High in the Advertising World

Lori Senecal was involved in gymnastics as a coach and a leader in high school, which allowed her to learn leadership skills. These skills have always come in handy for her in her career. The lessons that she learned, such as communication, team leading, and goal setting, drove her to enter into the business world. Lori understands that being persistent and doing her best in every advert she makes is what keeps her on top of the advertising industry and eventually earns money for her.

Winning Traits

Being profitable in the advertising industry is a learning process and takes the time to manifest. However, with a creative and passionate team together with partners and clients support, a company can grow very fast as was the case with KBS. Lori has always believed in herself and her strengths. This has always been her motivator when she self-doubted herself. Her first client came about following her continued efforts. Lori always strives to know her potential customers’ businesses in details before even signing them. This marketing strategy has always worked for her. Lori draws her satisfaction from successfully satisfying her clients.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is well known for her great know-how in advertising and marketing as well as her strong character and her ability to outdo herself in every role she undertakes. She is always first in developing solution-providing and most innovative advertisements. This vigor and her prowess led to her appointment as the global CEO for CP+B. According to Adage, prior to CP+B, she served as the global manager for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and as a senior director for MDC Partners. Under her watch, she oversaw the expansion of the two firms’ global vision and steered the companies to record fast growth.

Lori was trained at McGill University after which she started working at McCann Erickson as the NYC office President. While there, she successfully created advertising campaigns for world’s leading brands, including Xbox and Coca-Cola. She has since worked with among others, Victoria Secret Pink, American Express, BMW, and Home Goods, making her the advertising guru that she is. Her efforts were recognized in 2014 by Advertising Age when she was named as one of the Women to Watch.

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